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Purple, Teal and White glitter flakes sparkle and shine right throughout these brushes. Be your own glittering boss with this 10-piece set made for all areas of the face and eyes.


  • Large Powder Brush - To add your favourite powder alone or on top of your favourite foundation. 
  • Angled Brush - A soft fluffy brush will allow you to contour and define your face. 
  • Foundation Brush - A fluffy brush that is slightly flatter to allow you to apply your liquid and cream foundation evenly. Can also be used with powders for definition. 
  • Angled Brush - Add definition to your eyebrows with a soft yet firm brush. Use with cream or powder. 
  • Angled Shadow Brush - Add contrast to your eyes with a brush perfect for defining outer corner shades. 
  • Flat Lip Brush - For added definition when applying your favourite lip product.
  • Small Shader Brush - A small super soft brush to blend out eyeshadows.
  • Concealer Brush - Conceal those under eyes with a flat brush that gets into all creases. 
  • Spoolie Brush - To help brush out those unruly eyebrow hairs. Can also be used for lashes. 
  • Small Flat Brush - For precision concealing, packing on shadows and cutting that crease!
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